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42 Coin

Only '42 Coins' ever to be mined. How many 42 will you hold?

Highest Priced Crypto Coin - 12X Faster Than Bitcoin - Worth 100X More Than Bitcoin


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42 coin


Artificially Rare - 42 only!

Unlike any other Altcoin, 42 will only have 42 Coins to exist, ever- and this is super rare even when mining. Begin Mining 42 Coin on Windows - Linux (tutorial) - MacOSX

Historical - Highest Valued Coin

42 will go into history as the crypto currency with the highest face value, limited supply, and satoshi BTC validation. 42 Coins will be a revolutionary movement because of its rarity and transaction speed. [Press Introducing 42: Business Insider]

Speed - 12X Faster than Bitcoin

42 Second Block Time! A Super-Fast, and Super Rare Coin (Currently) on the Crypto Markets. Start in just seconds... Buy/Sell 42 Coin @ Cryptsy.com

42 coin market place

Highest Valued CryptoCurrency

Coinmarketcap.com reporting '42 coin' market cap as one of the highest priced crypto currency ever. The peak market cap was $1,000,000 USD and a price of $1,095,000.00 USD per coin making 42 Coin the most expensive, and highest valued crypto currency on the market to date. Press Release ** NEW ** published on 03/06/2014 via http://www.prweb.com/releases/42-coin/crypto-currency-bitcoin/prweb11639423.htm

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42 Coin Market Place

42 Coin Will have Some Major Press and Market Places Coming Soon

The team is working on adopting 42 Coin Internationally anywhere you go, to start accepting 42 Coin is a major payment method, giving us a leg up in the market even against its founder 'Bitcoin'. Although we are not competing with Bitcoin since we do believe in the foundation, 42 Coin will have a tremendous investor interest due to its rarity, and value. 42 Coin will hit major market places very soon. Follow Maco - Follow Hendo

New Press Published on (03/06/2014) - Congrats to the community!



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42 Coin Market Cap

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